Who We Are

We are an Amsterdam-born communications consultancy for tech and innovation-driven companies. It is our passion to spread your story to the right people in the right places. Together, we find your voice. Brand your brand. Translate your tech. We listen. Then we talk. With you, and for you.


49Stories was founded by Anoek Eckhardt. She has earned her stripes in the world of communications and PR – spending more than a decade of her career at Google and LinkedIn. Being at the forefront of building their brand.

Iris Duvekot

Photocredits: Iris Duvekot

What we believe

We say what we believe in, and we believe in what we say. Your brand might impact more than a million words can capture. But if no one knows about it – what’s the point?


We believe that if you want your company to play an important role in today’s society, you need a firm foot on the ground. In a world dominated by media, false or true, it is more important now than ever to shape your narrative. Before they do it for you.

What we do

49Stories specializes in strategic communications for tech and innovation-driven companies. From brand positioning to narrative development to creating extensive communications and brand marketing strategies. We build and strengthen the reputation of brands for the long run, in the long term.


In a digital world where we have access to everything at all times, we need focus. There are many amazing stories out there. Personal stories and brand stories. But many of them stay unraveled, untold or unnoticed. Lost in the noise.

  • I am thrilled to kick off writing this very first blog for 49Stories. This is the place to learn more about our brand. Who we are. What we do. How we got started. And this is where we will share insides into our work. Real cases. Practical tips. New learnings....