Who we are

We are an Amsterdam-born communications consultancy for tech and innovation-driven companies. It is our passion to spread your story to the right people in the right places. Together, we find your voice. Brand your brand. Translate your tech. We listen. Then we talk. With you, and for you.

49Stories was founded by Anoek Eckhardt. She has earned her stripes in the world of communications and PR – spending more than a decade of her career at Google and LinkedIn. Being at the forefront of building their brand. From leading numerous key company announcements such as the introduction of Google Street View in the Netherlands and the $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft, to navigating both companies through major crisis.

Since starting her communications consultancy Anoek has helped a great number of companies, from startups to corporates, to find their voice and claim their brand positioning in the market.


And she is not alone… We work with a team of passionate professionals and skilled experts in PR, communications, brand marketing and social media. All bringing a specialty to the mix that makes our sauce. Ready to serve you their ultimate best. Partner with you, to build their brand.



Your brand might impact more than a million words can capture. But if no one knows about it – what’s the point?


We believe that if you want your company to play an important role in today’s society, you need a firm foot on the ground. In a world dominated by media, false or true, it is more important now than ever to shape your narrative. Before they do it for you.

Our aim is to help innovation startups and scale ups to find their focus, their voice and their platform. Grab that niche and single it out. Take a unique turn that gets you noticed.

Share your story with us

We love tech and innovation. We love to hear about it. We love to read about it. And we want to learn more every day. With you, for you and from you. Let’s team up and define the future together.