This is the start

Introducing 49Stories

I am thrilled to kick off writing this very first blog for 49Stories. This is the place to learn more about our brand. Who we are. What we do. How we got started. And this is where we will share insides into our work. Real cases. Practical tips. New learnings.

But, let me start by introducing myself. I’m Anoek, owner of 49Stories and communications expert. I have worked in global tech for over 12 years. Until one day I decided it was time to go solo, spread the word wider and support others in need. The name I chose is a tribute to the amazing years I have had working for Silicon Valley-based companies, as 49 is closely linked to San Francisco. It is a reference to the fortune seeking miners during the 1849 gold rush. And is now known as the San Fran American Football team. It continuously reminds me of where I come from, and what I learned along the way.

Through my years of experience working for big tech companies, like Google and LinkedIn, I noticed that it is not easy to cut through the noise. With all the new media that popped up left and right, all of a sudden everyone was given a voice. This, of course, is a revolutionary phenomenon. In general. It also means though that to be heard and seen in the digital world of today it is even more important than ever before to tell your story in a way that people notice it. Relate to it. Connect with it. That’s why it is crucial to know who you are talking to, and how they want to be spoken to. It’s the same as in life, really, if you think about it. When you communicate to people in a way that makes them feel comfortable, that resonates with them, that’s when they start interacting with you. In a way you would want them to.

Stories untold, stories unravelled

I see amazing tech companies with innovative ideas being born every day. I also see the struggles they face in getting their story out to the right public, at the right moment, in the right way. I founded 49Stories to help unravel these stories. Because I love tech. And I believe in innovation. I can get extremely excited about clever ideas, new trends, out of the box thinking. I like to support that by contributing with what I know. Because together, we can change the world.

In it for the long run

I don’t believe in quick wins. Building a brand reputation takes time, and effort, and understanding of your audience. Credibility is hard to gain, but very easy to lose. Hence why our focus is really on helping companies find their true selves. This then lays the foundation to build a strong communications strategy.

When you got it, PR it

It’s all about piecing the puzzle together. It starts with knowing who you are. From there we can find your brand positioning in the tech industry. Build your narrative. Once we have everything mapped out, we help you navigate through the media landscape, by creating communications strategies that land your message in the right place. PR is a powerful tool to reach people. But also social and brand marketing campaigns can help spread your word to the world. I love taking companies on this journey. Whether we build from the ground up, reposition, or rebrand. No business is the same. And that’s the beauty of it.

Many stories still to unravel

49Stories isn’t just my story. We work with a small team of highly experienced communications, PR and brand marketing professionals. All with a passion for tech companies. We help each other, strengthen each other, learn from each other. Every day. And we want to make you part of that too. That’s why this is only the first of many blog posts to come. We will share our most interesting cases. Describe our personal experiences. We will take you along on our journeys of 49Stories. So please, stay tuned. We will be back with more soon.